Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Perfect Gift...Anytime!

Whether it be a baby shower, a bridal shower, a birthday, or Christmas gift you're needing, I've started making cookbooks to give to people. The cookbook can range from ultra simple to extremely detailed, depending on how much money and time you want to spend on it.

My best friend of 18+ years is getting ready to get married at the end of this month. For her bridal shower gift, I gave her a cookbook that I entitled, "The Mrs. Manual." I bought a black leather photo album with a window on the front that was supposed to be used for a photo. I, instead, made a little sign that said, "The Mrs. Manual" and placed it in the front of the book. I then divided the cookbook into categories: "Casseroles", "Crock-Pot", "Great for Kids!", "Main Dishes", "Soups, Salads, and Sauces", etc. I also included a section entitled, "Helpful Hints" with recipes for homemade cleaning supplies and great websites to utilize. Photo albums work best, in my opinion, because the recipes are protected from splashing sauces by the protective plastic. They're also relatively inexpensive!

Another friend of mine got married a year ago. For her bridal shower gift, I scrapbooked a cookbook for her. This took a lot of time and more money, but the finished product was worth it. Once again, this cookbook was split into categories. Her husband is a huge OU football fan, so I included a section called, "Game Day!" with different recipes such as buffalo wings and different dips.

These personalized cookbooks make great gifts for anyone. Gather up your best recipes and go to town!

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