Sunday, October 21, 2007

Top 5 Cookbooks Every Woman Should Own...

If you don't own any of these, I suggest you buy one. You won't be disappointed.

1.) Gooseberry Patch's Meals in Minutes
Visit their website here!

2.) Taste of Home's 5-Ingredient Cookbook
Visit their website here!

3.) Betty Crocker's Cookie Book
Visit their website here!

4.) Betty Crocker's Christmas Cookbook

5.) The Lady and Sons, Too! Cookbook by Paula Dean
Visit her website here!

I've started checking cookbooks out at the library because I was tired of paying for cookbooks that I never used. However, I am hooked on the first two cookbooks listed above, and I plan on buying them at some point and adding them to my collection because I know I will actually use them. The last 3 cookbooks listed above are part of my collection, and they are awesome!

If you have any cookbooks you think are worth checking out, drop us a line in the comment box and let us know!

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Milehimama said...

My two most used cookbooks are The Joy of Cooking, which is like a food encyclopedia. It tells you all about all of the foods and has a recipe for everything imaginable. I have the older one; the new one was updated last year to include convenience foods (like box mixes, canned cream soups, etc.)

I LOVE Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely. Everything can be cooked in 30 minutes (except crockpot meals, but they can be prepared in 30 minutes) and the book is arranged into weekly menus so you don't end up eating chicken four times in one week. Also it comes with a shopping list so you are set and ready to go - list, menu, and recipes all laid out according to season. She's a registered dietician and the meals are healthy AND tasty.

I have to cook a lot of stuff from scratch (no canned soups, here) due to dietary restrictions and these are indispensible!